1. a shifty eye with a blue-lit twinkle
    tiny letter-numbers zapping through the frosty air
    the innocuous chime
    drifting in pieces
    from tallest tower to tallest tower
    staring each other down across the forest
    alone with my fingers that are always so cold
    hunched over clutching on
    drop my thumbs in taps like drip drip drip
    except there’s nothing organic
    about losing this way.

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  3. An icy farewell

    I turned to you

    towards that soul that once

    had been like a furnace

    warming my side

    and found myself prickled

    by icy spines.

    Somewhere along the way

    I still don’t know from whence it came

    a cold wind chilled our glow

    tempered our heat

    and little by little

    frosted over our ember

    sent crystal shards

    splitting our embrace

    and drew our breath out

    in clouds fogging our faces.

    The love we had was once a roaring fire

    but as we goodbye

    I draw away to keep the numbness from my center

    clasping to what little flame remains inside me

    hoping one day

    to melt once more.


  4. a 21yo’s angst over graduating

    This is supposed to be the most free time of my life
    but I feel crushed by the amount of choices.
    I’m privileged to have a fresh start, a blank page,
    but my pen hovers, too afraid to mar it.
    By now I should know that everything always changes,
    but then why do I feel like I’m on the precipice of eternity?
    I’m meant to commence adulthood, walk firmly forward,
    but it’s only more than ever that I question my grasp of movement.
    I assume that everything heals with time,
    but I fear, that I’m the exception.
    Is it fate? Then I am doomed.
    Is it ability? Then I am useless.
    Is ability decided by fate? Is fate decided by ability?
    This ship will crash if it is willed,
    and both God and I
    are nonbelievers.

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  6. eye-squinting white
    on a pursed-lips cold
    breathed-fog on the glass
    warm-curled on a pillow
    kinda day.


  7. Reflection

    Why do I always see you
    walking around town
    with my face
    looking so sad?


  8. my academic career

    echoes, in a large empty room,
    paper houses and paper cuts,
    memorial movements, expectations,
    and repetitive realizations.
    cut, dry, paste,
    passionless crying,
    certain uncertainty,
    coming up
    empty, empty, empty,
    like a fucking echo.


  9. Confidential

    I don’t tell anybody
    what I secretly think about
    why you disappeared so suddenly.
    Because the truth is
    I know you were really a top level secret agent
    specially trained to wile us into thinking you
    mild mannered and ill
    when suddenly you got called away
    on a much more important mission.
    Don’t worry,
    I won’t blow your cover.


  10. The beginning

    of change,
    a shift in the stars,
    a planetary realignment,
    unnoticed but by a hermit in the woods,
    but shifting a similar number of masses in me.
    This is not fate,
    this is not magic,
    but a reflection,
    a changing tide,
    powered by the force of
    my feet upon the earth.