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  2. you could push me off a cliff and i wouldn’t care

    i’d probably enjoy the rush and everybody dies anyway

    do you feel a rush when our skin is touching, do you feel the electricity in my eyes

    i’m not asking for a friend i need more, i need more

    i’ve been reading stories till i got tired of reading

    now the stories are living

    but i feel like i’m paper inside.

    you could push me off a cliff and i would be happy

    i like the feeling of falling

    and it’d be nice to know that somebody cares.

    i’m not asking for a friend, i need more, i need more, i want more from you

    do you feel a thing when we’re talking, does it matter how close i stand.

    can you verify the things that i’ve been hearing,

    will you put your hands on me

    and push.

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  5. Google’s Street View cameras are touring museums and taking weird selfies by accident

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  6. boyirl:

    Kiss me Teddy! & Enjoy! 
    Acrylic on canvas (2010 // 2013)

    Hubert de Lartigue

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    We go forward.


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    Stop this right now

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  8. exam:

    Plastic Bag Landscapes by Vilde Rolfsen

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