1. its okay, to not be okay

    its okay, to not be okay

    its okay to be disliked

    its okay to not be cool

    its okay to be weird, its okay to not be normal

    its okay to fail

    its okay

    you’re okay, you’re okay

    its okay if you cried and they saw

    its okay if you have no idea what you’re doing

    its okay to be sad and angry and confused all at one time

    its okay to be sick if you keep trying

    its okay to keep trying

    keep trying

    but for now

    its okay to not be okay

    you’re okay


    there, there

    it’s okay

    you’re gonna be okay

    you’re okay.

  2. henrybusby:

    Shooting tests with Lyndon for an editorial shoot this later week. Really excited about this one

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  3. lvcfr:

    Le génie du mal,

    Guillaume Geefs, 1848.

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  4. imagine the moment right at the precipice

    toes tipping over the edge

    behind you an endless landscape 

    that you know very well

    before you an unknowable plunge

    the air all around buffets and caresses

    little bits of wisdom flicking in space

    arms out you lean neither back nor forward

    but embrace the moment

    on the edge of nothing.


  5. "where you going?" i said.
    “for a walk,” you said.
    it was a blizzard.
    “can i come?” i said.
    “yes,” you said.
    and the storm descended upon us.
    the wind was hurling snow past us so fast
    it felt like we were charging through space
    and everything that came tumbling out of you
    fell into a thousand pieces
    and blew away into the sky
    and came back down
    cold, and stinging, and wet,
    on your head.
    but you and i embraced on the zenith of the planet
    while nature battered us
    and i was as helpless to help you
    as i was to gather up every flake
    and stop the winds.


  6. There was a night, I didn’t want to be alive anymore.
    I got in my car and I listened to Who Knew by P!nk and sobbed and I sang.
    That kept me alive.
    I drove to my mother’s house and sat with her on the couch.
    That kept me alive.
    I watched a nature documentary where a tiny spider slowly lifted a shell into a bush to live in.
    That kept me alive.
    So many tiny inconsequential things against so many tiny inconsequential things. Selfies and pop songs and fabric and dreams have kept me alive.
    It’s yet to be proven if it’s all for the better, but I don’t know if I will ever believe that something even as small as a pebble, or even the idea of a pebble, could be unimportant, because you never know if the dust in your hair, or that tune on the breeze, or the veneer on the page of a magazine, is what will be keeping a person alive tonight.


  7. that feeling

    i get that kind of tired that’s right behind your eyes,

    leaning back on the hot rubber of that inner tube,

    floating across the surface of a lake,

    i get that kind of hollow pleasure,

    that 1AM “i can’t stop scrolling,” feeling,

    and i sigh,

    because i know tomorrow is that last day of summer,

    and i know in that “my horosope tells me” kinda way,

    i’m never really coming in to shore.

  8. laurafin:

    First Sister
    50”x57” oil.

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  9. you’re worth food poisoning and a chipped tooth

    you’re worth all the money in the till after a rush and

    you’re worth the time for the rush of robbing the till

    you’re worth 30 years of isolation, you’re worth an entire nation’s grief

    you’re worth giving up my freedom, and incurable bad body odor

    you’re worth lemon juice in the eye and hand sanitizer in a paper cut

    you’re worth regretting changing majors and dying alone

    i hope you’re worth what i have to offer


  10. I was a raisin
    fallen out of the jumble
    of a summer sunset snack
    and left outside in the dark
    on the warm brick patio.